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"It is no secret that the Democratic Republic of Congo faces many challenges ranging from humanitarian to environmental issues. Many celebrities have dedicated their time, effort and finances to help this beautiful country and its people survive and have a better life. Celebrities are able to use their worldwide popularity as a tool to raise awareness about causes that they feel strongly about. Some celebrities have such power in the media that they have the ability to exert a strong influence on the minds of a huge percentage of the population, which is effective for rapidly raising awareness, increasing fundraising and encouraging volunteers for various causes.

Angelina Jolie has done a tremendous amount of charitable work across Africa.  Recently, she has become more directly involved with the DRC and particularly with the fight against the use of sexual violence as an act of war. In 2013 Angelina joined up with Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague to visit the DRC and Rwanda. During their visit they spoke to rape victims at a refugee camp and laid wreaths at the Gisozi genocide memorial in Rwanda. In June 2014,  the two paired to host the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in London.  This Summit welcomed over 100 countries and over 900 experts, NGOs, survivors, faith leaders, and international organisations from across the world that share a commitment to end sexual violence in conflict; It was the biggest global meeting on this issue ever and the #TIMETOACT campaign raised a ton of awareness about this particular issue, which is very serious in the DRC.

Ben Affleck has played a massive role in terms of charity in the DRC and has even been referred as the Life President of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has taken the celebrity attention and used it to focus on an issue he cares deeply about — the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2010 he founded the Eastern Congo Initiative after making several trips to crisis areas in the country. The goals of the initiative are to raise awareness of local community-based organizations in the area that work towards: supporting survivors of rape and sexual violence; returning and reintegrating child soldiers into their communities; running community-level peace and reconciliation programs; increasing access to health care and education; and promoting economic opportunity. The actor has testified before Congress, appeared on dozens of TV shows and even written articles in newspapers in order to raise awareness about the situation in the country.

George Clooney has also been involved with helping a number of countries in Africa. He has travelled extensively on the continent and after co-founding the charity, Not on Our Watch in Sudan, in 2008 he was made a UN Messenger of Peace. His role was to promote the organization’s peacekeeping activities around the world. George Clooney has also played a major role in raising awareness about the Enough Project from the Center for American Progress, which aims to end genocide and crimes against humanity in the DRC and Sudan.

The most important factor is that celebrities have the ability to attract attention; they are in a position to focus the world’s eyes on the needs of the poor, sick and threaten the environment such as endangered species. Not only are celebrities powerful role players in raising awareness, but they can also serve as good role models to motivate people to get involved in helping and making a difference themselves." (click thumbnail to proceed to article)