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When Elephants Flight Screening @ University of Michigan School of Nursing

The #StandWithCongo campaign presents Director Mike Ramsdell's award-winning documentary When Elephants FIght and a discussion with Dr. Denis Mukwege, founder of Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This film spotlights how the complicity of multinational corporations and corrupt politicians threatens human rights and perpetuates the deadliest conflict since WWII. The evening will feature opportunities to take action in support of human rights and the life-saving work of Panzi Hospitals and Foundation and ICART. 

This event is hosted by the UM School of Nursing and would not be possible without the support of the departments and organizations listed on the event flyer and wider Ann Arbor community. All are welcome and admission is free, but we recommend arriving early to ensure a seat. 

For more information on Stand With Congo, please visit our facebook page or website:

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HumanDOC Film Festival Warsaw, Poland


“Human development is a process of enlarging people’s choices. The most critical ones are to lead a long and healthy life, to be educated and to enjoy a decent standard of living. Additional choices include political freedom, guaranteed human rights and self respect."
(Human Development Report 1990:10)

HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT IN CINEMA is the first innovative event combining the world's high class cinema with an afterthought on global issues in Central-Eastern Europe and the third such event in the world.

The films shown during the HumanDOC Festival are absolute gems of short documentary films and features presenting global dependencies, problems and challenges. The festival is like the world in a close-up: living off for less than one dollar a day, fighting social exclusion, results of climate changes, international aid, conflicts.

This is a unique combination of business with pleasure: documentary films at the world's highest level, social campaigns, debates and discussions. 
The festival presents original films, full of passion and emotions which make one sensitive to social injustice but most of all inspire to action, show that even being here in Poland we can change other people's lives for the better and help even in the most remote places in the world.

Films which inspire to thinking and let discover the world anew!

Poland belongs to the group of the 40 richest countries in the world. We are highly developed country in the international scale. Since several years we have been not only the recipient but also the donor of the international aid. We spend about 2 billions PLN a year on helping other countries. The European Union spends hundreds of billions euros on supporting the communities of the Global South. 
What does it mean? Whom and how do we help? Why do we decide to support other people very often living in countries far away from Poland and Europe?

Globalization has made the communities living in different places in the world dependent from each other. It has made the problems of small far away turn into international problems. At the same time the economic gap between the countries of rich North (the so-called Global North) and the countries of poor South (the so-called Global South) grows bigger and bigger. Uncontrolled growth of the world's population accompanied by high unemployment rates creates conditions for extreme poverty, outbreaks of mass famines and infectious diseases. Conflicts which force developed nations to costly military interventions break out. Excessive consumption causes the exhaustion of natural resources and dramatically deteriorates the state of the world’s environment. These problems are just a few examples from a very long list of challenges which the contemporary world faces.

Are we doing enough to address these issues? Are we still able to control the course of events? The United Nations had defined the key Millennium Development Goals which it wants to achieve by 2015 - reducing poverty is one of them. Are we able to achieve these goals? HumanDOC Festival is the occasion to raise these types of questions and try to find the answers.

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WORLD PREMIERE of When Elephants Fight

When Elephants Fight

  • Michael Ramsdell (Director) / Robin Wright
  • Documentary / English
  • Congo, USA, UK 
  • 2015 
  • 83 mins

Eye-opening doc which spotlights Britain's ties to the illicit trade in Congolese conflict minerals.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to one of the world's richest seams of copper, coltan and other minerals increasingly sought after by Western electronics consumers. Rather than improving life for the world's poorest people, however, billions of dollars have been redirected to British companies' tax havens and to local militia. Fuelling a war that has cost 5 million lives and counting since 1996, it may one day come to be known as the worst human atrocity in modern history. Can we stop it?

Co-presented by Take One Action, Scotland's country-wide film festival of social change.

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